Core Inspections, LLC

Core Inspections is a professional and personal real estate inspection service with experience that spans over thousands of inspections, covering homes that range from brand new to the late eighteen hundreds. Ease your fears by letting our experience in a long career of inspections work for you.

We understand the importance of having your largest investment inspected for problems before you move forward. Use our knowledge as well as the insights of your REALTOR®.


Buyer and Agent Information

We would like to take this opportunity to say that our main purpose is to inform the buyer of any issues, big and small, without scare tactics. We prepare and explain the report on site from beginning to end to reduce wasting valuable time during the option period. Our custom report is computer generated in plain English and will not require a navigational compass to read.

Price List

  • Up to 2450 sq. ft. = $320
  • Oversize = 11¢ per additional sq. ft.
  • Pier-and-beam foundations = $85
  • Pool/spa = $75
  • Sprinkler systems = $25
  • Detached building with living quarters = minimum $90
  • Areas outside DFW = $25